Everyday Garden Décor Trends for 2023

Calling all plant lovers, homeowners, and florists! Spring and summer are going to be here before you know it, which means you need to start planning out how your garden will look like or what you’re going to carry and offer at your shop. It’s important that you begin gathering ideas now and be in the know about what’s trending in garden decor trends for 2023 so you’re ready when winter comes to an end.

The following information not only includes garden decor trends but also everyday trends for 2023. Now is the time to do your homework and figure out a game plan so that you have what you need to decorate and transform your garden into something truly spectacular this year. 

What Style of Containers and Planters are Trending Now?

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying home and garden decor for wholesale, retail, or personal use, you’ll want to have a good idea of what style of containers and planters are trending now. In addition, it’s wise to get a feel for the top garden decor trends for 2023 overall. 

Some of the most popular and sought-after designs, colors, and styles you’ll be seeing in gardens this year are white pots, clay, and terra cotta planters, beachy planters, woven baskets, earthy planters, as well as neutral planters. 

Below we’ll dive a bit deeper into some specific garden decor and design trends to be aware of as you prepare for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.  

Tranquil Sands

One top trend you’ll want to consider adopting this year in your garden is Tranquil Sands. It’s a Japandi-inspired look and feel consisting of a taupe, cream, and gray palette or warm and neutral undertones. It’s a way to incorporate natural materials (think raw wood and concrete) while using a minimalist design and decorating approach. Complete this trend by adding some florals such as cacti, ferns, and air plants.   

Brick & Sage

Next up, is the 2023 garden decor trend of Brick and Sage. It’s truly a blast from the past and is best compared to that of 70’s decor you would have seen back then. However, keep in mind that it has a modern spin. The colors you’ll want to use include olive green, rust, and mustard, with accents of black and white as well as rattan and cane. It’s sort of a bohemian vibe with a rustic twist that includes earthenware and terra-cotta. 

Salt Cove

Take me to the beach or coast with this hot trend called Salt Cove! You can build a relaxing and inviting seaside retreat in your backyard using colors such as lavender, shades of blue and gray, and mossy greens. Picture the ocean and seaside vibe with this trend as you create a calming and soothing atmosphere to enjoy. Finish off the look using some florals like lavender and lamb’s ear. 

Garden Promenade

Floral patterns will ensure you successfully create a garden promenade at your home or place of business. The different shades of color you should be using include pale green, yellow, and blush along with rich golden and copper accents. It’s a classic garden theme and look that will create a feminine and chic environment for you to relax in and show off. Also, work in some white wood, and make the lotus flower stand out when placed in attractive containers, so it becomes the center of attention when using this garden design trend. 

Greek Design

Another top and everyday trend for 2023 will be that of a Greek design and elements. Place around some Greek urns and decorate with colors of blue and white. Next, incorporate a natural stone wall and archways to create a sense of natural beauty and to bring this idea to life. Have some seating areas throughout your garden and make sure they are shaded using various plants. Your goal is to make it feel like you are on vacation and visiting this magical location right in your own backyard. 

Sanctuary Garden

Today the theme and trend when it comes to homes and well-being all point to self-care and indulging in all nature has to offer. Therefore, you must also have the sanctuary garden at the top of your trend list. Your backyard can soon be transformed into a mindful place with meditation spots and lots of greenery. Make your space into a calming area that helps you restore and feel your best using garden accessories and a mix of florals. Immerse yourself in nature using shades of green and focus on ways to add more texture, which you can do by including foliage plants. 

Organic Design or Gardening

Organic gardening is also taking off and should certainly be included on this list of garden trends for 2023. It’s also known as no-dig gardening and involves interfering as little as possible with the natural elements in the area. You should consider including a variety of flowering plants and potters surrounding an open perennial meadow, for example. Leafy, natural frameworks and avoiding chemicals will also help you achieve this particular design. 

Tips for Decorating Success

What it comes down to if you want to succeed at this task and create a magnificent garden to enjoy, is taking the time to learn about the trends and apply the right elements in your design of choice. Begin by deciding which decor and design trends are best suited for you and your home. Then, get to work by finding the right pieces and items to decorate with such as planters, wind chimes, birdbaths, feeders and other various accessories. Here at Napco Imports, we make shopping and finding what you need both easy and affordable. We hope you’ll take the time to look over our extensive garden collection in addition to our other inventory of containers and spring novelty picks.

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